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HIPAA Compliance Experts in Jackson, MS

Keeping your patients’ information protected is the most important job that we do. Let us handle your HIPAA compliance problems so you don’t have to.

Most Common HIPAA Violations

Did You Know?

Fines for violating HIPAA regulations can cost anywhere from $100K to $4M, even landing serious violators in prison.

Three Categories of HIPAA Violations


Though occurring on a less visible level, technical HIPAA violations are serious. This type of compliance issue involves elements like access control, transmission security, and audit controls.

For example, access control issues may arise when an unauthorized person gains access to protected electronic health information. Similarly, issues with transmission security may occur when electronic health information is intercepted over an unprotected network.




Administrative HIPAA violations point back to negligence in facility policies, actions, and procedures as it relates to electronically protected health information. Additionally, it involves managing the workforce by enforcing policies that all employees must follow.

For example, HIPAA administrative issues may arise with improper workforce security, poor information access management, lack of a contingency plan, and inadequate security awareness and training.


Tossing sensitive information in the trash or leaving a file open on your computer are examples of physical HIPAA violations. Physical safeguards include facility access, facility control, workstation security, and individual device security.

For example, healthcare facilities may face HIPAA physical violations by not limiting access to authorization-only sectors. Access to workstations and electronic media fall into this category, too.




Prevent These Common IT HIPAA Violations


Improper Office Data Handling

While the Department of Health understands data breaches are impossible to prevent completely, healthcare facilities must demonstrate a good faith effort to safeguard against cyber attacks.


Sharing User Logins

If your clinic shares user logins for a single account, you could encounter compliance issues. The same goes for not using two-factor authentication, which is one issue we see often.


Poor Workstation and Device Security

Leaving workstations unlocked while unattended is common, yet it violates HIPAA standards if that information lands in the wrong hands. This goes hand-in-hand with device security.


No Security Awareness or Training

Healthcare facilities must properly train all staff on information security. This includes software protection, log-in monitoring, password protection, and security reminders.

Don’t Get Fined.
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