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Love working with ICS? Leave us a review here!
Love working with ICS? Leave us a review here!
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The Pros of Hiring an Outside IT Team

Aug 16, 2023

Every business struggles with IT challenges. And finding trustworthy individuals to get the job done is the first hurdle to jump over when creating a solid and effective IT team. Instead of going through internal training and complicated recruiting processes, you can hire an outside IT team instead — aka, outsourced IT.

Keep reading to learn the pros of hiring an outside IT team for your business and how it can foster your company’s growth.

1. Increased Productivity to Fast-Track Scaling

An outsourced IT team will already have professional skillsets for the tasks or project you wish to complete. This is especially useful when you’re already looking to scale your business or must keep up with a looming deadline you’ve set for yourself and your team.

When working with an outsourced IT team, you can adjust the services you receive up or down as needed. This allows you to ramp up your IT to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and demands without worrying about over-committing resources, as you can quickly scale down the size of your IT team or service package.

2. Improved Internal Team Focus

Your internal team needs your undivided attention. They must avoid distractions and added workloads that can put a damper on their overall productivity. When you have an outsourced IT team carrying the heavy tech-based load for them, your team can focus on tasks that move the needle.

Increased internal team focus is a huge pro of hiring an outside IT team, as it can lead to higher team morale, efficiency, and overall business growth.

3. Better Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your IT is cost savings. Outsourcing your IT team can save you significant resources in terms of time and money. Imagine the time you’d save fixing your devices or troubleshooting your internet connection if you handed it off to an IT services provider on call 24/7.

All the costs associated with hiring and running payroll also add up, especially as you build a team of two, three, or four IT professionals. Hiring an outside IT team eliminates the need for payroll and training. They already know what they’re doing, and you (typically) invest in a monthly retainer fee.

When Should You Hire an Outside IT Team?

Growing businesses often reach a point where IT demands exceed the capabilities of their in-house team. This can result in delayed projects, increased downtime, and missed opportunities for innovation. Additionally, complex IT projects such as cybersecurity audits, system integrations, or cloud migrations often require deep expertise.

Companies should consider hiring an outside IT team when their internal resources are stretched thin or when they lack the specialized skills needed for IT tasks. Hiring an external IT team with specialized knowledge can ensure these projects are completed efficiently and effectively, minimizing risk and maximizing return on investment.

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